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Accent reduction training includes work on:

  • rhythm, stress & intonation 

  • vowel shaping & consonant production

  • plenty of feedback & tailored exercises

EFL Speakers

Accent Reduction Training

For speakers of English as a Foreign Language it can be frustrating to constantly be having to answer the question, 'where are you from?' or not being understood and finding you frequently have to repeat yourself. Working with a voice and accent coach can help you understand and change those features that cause communication problems in strongly accented English.

The same is true for native English speakers with a strong regional accent and you may feel your communication skills are being compromised as a result. 

For more information on accent reduction training, please get in touch with me and I'll send you an information pack.

Alternatively visit my Accent Analysis page for more information on having your accent analyzed and practice exercises that can help you reduce your native accent.

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