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Accent Analysis 

Who is this service for?

  • For anyone interested in understanding their speech and how to develop clearer articulation or improve their British English pronunciation.

  • For actors wanting a more accurate modern RP, General American or any other accent.

What will the analysis cover?

The accent analysis will cover all aspects of your speech, including:

  • Articulatory Setting 

  • Consonants and Consonant Blends

  • Vowels and the Schwa

  • Stress and Intonation Patterns

How does it work?

  • Simply download the SET TEXTS on the right of the page and follow the recording instructions.

  • Please also download and fill in the questionnaire so I can get a better understanding of your needs.

  • Email your voice recordings and questionnaire to and I will send you payment details.

  • You will receive a complete analysis of all the speech sounds in your accent with exercises that address your particular needs and  audio files to make sure oy practice correctly.

  • You can then practice on your own in your own time. The analysis and exercises will give you the tools you need to know what to work on and how to work, but like any exercises, they have to be practiced correctly and regularly to make the necessary changes. A little and often is always the most effective way to progress.


 Download the texts below to get started on your journey to better pronunciation.

Accent Analysis

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