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Train with an experienced voice coach 

Online or Face-to-face

Caro Hetherington
The Voice & Accent Coach

Voice & Accent Training

Private voice, speech, accent & dialect coaching to sharpen your skills, learn a new accent or work on text. 

Accent reduction training for speakers of English as a Foreign Language. One-to-one lessons to simply help you be  better understood or to sound more British.

For actors, EFL speakers or anyone who wishes to improve their speech or change their accent and doesn't know where to start, I will provide you with all you need to work by yourself at home. 

Your Coach


I'm a UK (NW) based voice coach with national and international clients

I was born in Stafford to Geordie parents and grew up in Sheffield

Much of my childhood was spent drawing, doing gymnastics and running around the crags with my dog.

I wanted to be a vet or an artist; I became an actress 

I'm proud to have appeared as Perdita in the premiere of Howard Barker's Ursula with the award winning Wrestling School Theatre Company, "the most important buildingless company in Britain" (The Independent)

I spent 6 unforgettable months travelling in India and Nepal on the back of a motorbike and made some life long friends on the way

I trained as a voice coach in 2003, realizing my fascination with accents

After over 20 years in London, I moved back to the countryside 

I have an inspirational partner and two awesome children who never cease to challenge me and teach me about myself

I have over 30 years experience in the industry 

I love to exercise and do yoga, circuit training, get out on my bike when I can and walk my dog, Ember

I love learning and researching (being nosey about everything) 

And like everyone, life never runs smoothly and I've experienced many difficulties, loss and trauma in my time and I bring a sensitive and trauma informed approach to my practice.

I've had the privilege of being taught by some of the best in the voice world; great teachers and great mentors. I've worked with many talented actors, committed professionals and enthusiastic novices. The work I do is always about the relationship; it's a two way process and the results grow out of that relationship.

What People Say

A great teacher and superb coach! 

David Carey: resident voice and text director at the The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, former senior/principal lecturer in Voice Studies at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

Sarah Gayton.jpeg

I’ve been having lessons with Caroline for a few years now and I’m still enjoying them as much as my first lesson. Caroline is a fantastic teacher and has a lot of patience! I wouldn’t want to be taught by anyone else.

Sarah Gayton: actress, writer, model

Working with Caroline has been very rewarding. She has helped me to grow as a performer and as a human being. Thanks to her I've found a new voice within me and also has boosted my confidence to perform in English as a foreign actor. 

Gerardo Cabal: Actor

Gerado Cabal MadDog2020.jpg

Caroline is superb! That's it. Work with her if you have an opportunity.

Yvonne Morley-Chisholm: voice teacher at Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare's Globe

Gillian Skye Photo.jpg

I just wanted to share that I did a voiceover this afternoon, and my voice is really smooth. It’s rich and deep, and I don’t feel tension at all. Guiding me to use my diaphragm and getting away from the tension in my throat has been a game changer among many things you’ve taught me. Thank you... You are brilliant at dissecting exactly what I need to focus on with breath, resonance, my vocal folds, tongue placement and putting it all together to create the perfect natural sound with my voice.

Lucie Kellogg: actress, writer and director 

Just wanted to say a big thank you!
I have just received confirmation of a commercial role in which the accent used is general American! I definitely didn’t have the confidence to execute in this accent before, and now they believe it’s good!

Geoffrey McCarthy (Actor) 

You can't change the nature of your instrument but you can learn to play it well.

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